Effective Explainer Videos for Brand Promotion

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the best way to create awareness about a brand’s product and services in a simplistic manner. Customers are able to understand more about the product with the help of animated explainer videos and establish a better connect with it. High-quality explainer videos are very effective in case of a complicated / technical product launch which becomes difficult for a layman to understand.

It happens many a times when you urgently need some information about a product and don’t find anything of relevance for you. You try to call the contact number but it goes busy at that time and later you get occupied with your work. So in need you finally do not get the relevant information and scrap your idea of finalising a deal or buying a product. This is a bad news for the brands who are constantly trying different strategies to acquire customers and generate leads.

How about searching the brands by their explainer videos. Most of the well established brands in the market create explainer videos for their product and service that increase customer retention rate and gives a clear picture of the brand. People love to hear stories and connect with those easily. So if a concept relates to a story in form of a video, there will be more engagement and traction.

Unlike brand videos, explainer video for business are short and concise enough to give the relevant information about a company. These are animated videos when framed in a story, relates to the customers without any complexity. Explainer video for products easily convey the required information in an animated story which people hear out patiently. One of the benefits of putting down thoughts and ideas in an animated story video is that it leaves a long lasting impression among the viewers. Video impacts both visual and audio senses due to which a viewer can retain the information for a larger duration. On an average, there is a greater retention rate 50% when we watch a video.

In order to grow their business, brands across all industry sectors like software, retail, FMCG, entertainment, aviation, healthcare, education etc. are using the power of online videos. As per a data, there are over one billion unique visitors on youtube each month which means there is a greater opportunity for businesses to tap this large audience. High quality explainer videos have become a popular mode of promotion because these are quite affordable and effective to enhance sales. Explainer video for products give a better understanding about the product/service and helps connect with the target audience. Explainer videos on website can improve the site ranking and drive more traffic to the website. More text and images content in web pages confuses the user rather than engaging him. However packaging the content and concept in a simple animated video, keeps the website clean and gives the required information to the user.

High quality explainer videos can be used for both B2C as well as B2C marketing. Business professionals are busy people, with less time in hand to do lots of survey or analysis while gathering some information. Explainer video for business solves the purpose and provides the specific information in a shorter time. However it is not very simple to create explainer videos. To make informative and impactful but shorter animated videos, an experienced video producer is required. Since the animated explainer videos doesn’t require any camera or shoot procedure, the secret to an engaging and informative explainer video lies in the concept and the content. Cuts & Camera production house is an Explainer video company in delhi NCR that has in depth knowledge and experience in creating explainer videos for brands. Contact them now.