Video Production

Shoot Date


Date is really important for any project for its timely execution and delivery.

Once location, equipments, crew, casting, costume and stylist everything is finalised, we go ahead and fix the shoot date.

Camera Equipment Gear


Although choosing a right camera is important, but equally important is the man behind it

We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology being used in the industry. We have latest tech-enabled camera and related equipments like lenses, jibs, cranes, drones, etc. It has always been our priority to provide our clients with the latest technology for their video projects. In addition to it, as we mentioned crew also matters for a quality video hence using the right crew at the time of production helps in saving time during post-production.


We provide you the camera of your choice of brands like Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, Panasonic, etc. with the complete body and lenses as per the requirement. As said by experts, it is best to determine camera’s intended purpose before selection. It is not like the bigger or more expensive the camera is, the better will be the video quality.


Camera sensors love light, so it plays a very important role while shooting. Multiple lights like Led Lights, Sun Gun, etc. with different stands and camera mounts are provided in order to capture good shots and photographs which results in a quality video at the end.



This plays a very important part of shooting. In order to capture a good photograph or shot, the camera must be properly stabilized.  We provide different equipments to achieve it including tripod, slider, light stands, etc.

Audio/ Sound

No wonders how important professional audio is in the films produced. Hearing terrible audio is like scratching your head! We have a solution for it too as we provide a variety of options for your needs like wired, wireless, multi-user etc. for different types of microphones including Sennheiser, Boya, Rode, Saramonic, etc.

Gimbal & Video Monitors

Gimbal stabilizers have completely changed handheld filmmaking as it provides you to capture smooth footages even when the camera is not standstill. We provide Crane 2 and Crane 3 Gimbals to our clients. However, for low budget projects Steadicams are also available. High quality monitors for video editing ensures your work looks amazing while being played on any screen. Colour accuracy is equally important as it makes the video look better.


High-End Production Services‎


We at Cuts & Camera Productions provide our customers an impressive and engaging content via Corporate Videos, Industrial Videos, Short Films, Advertisements, Brand Films, Promotional Videos and more. Our mission is to help our clients grow their business by connecting with their respective audiences. We make every single video with heart, no matter if your audience is on the move, sitting inside home, or is in the boardroom, they would definitely connect with you in one instance. We firmly believe in:


  • Creativity
  • Newest Technology
  • Pro-activeness
  • Commitment and Dedication 
  • Passion
  • Team Work