Aerial and Drone Video Production

Photography, and especially aerial photography has an exciting new aspect i.e. Drone Photography. Drone photography has been the fastest-growing photography trend in recent years. With lightweight cameras and drones (also known as quadcopters) the whole process has become lighter, faster and technologically more advanced by the day. It allows us to photograph and video from an entirely new perspective.

The two most common types of drones are those with a built-in or on-board camera and those of which you can attach your own. Drones with a built-in camera are often larger, and their cameras might not have a very high resolution—which can compromise the quality of your photos. Smaller drones which allow you to attach your own camera, such as a GoPro, on the other hand, are easier to manage since you already have the control of your camera and only need to learn how to fly.


We at Cuts & Camera Productions provide simple, convenient and completely customised Aerial Drone Photography services across India. With our advanced tools and equipments, we help our clients to showcase their businesses and brands. We offer our services from the concept development to the final delivery of the project. Our service areas include Video Production, Drone Video Services, Drone Photography, Aerial Imaging Photography and Real Estate Construction Sites Filming.


  • VIDEO PRODUCTION: We are a professional team based out of Gurgaon/Gurugram having a dedicated team of experts in the field of film-making. For a shooting to start, we first need the shoot date. Post that, comes camera equipment, gears,lenses, drones and cranes. In addition to that, we provide you the best crew with an expertise of handling equipments with full efficiency and care. Our crew will help you in making the premium quality video for you.

  • DRONE VIDEO SERVICES: Drone Videos offer a fresh and unique way to tell your story. Drone footage can provide new perspectives on products, projects, events, and your own business premises – whatever you have in mind. Filming with a drone is a great way to create a memorable visual experience! Drones offer fantastic image quality. They can shoot in 4K resolution as well as slow-motion 4K, giving outstanding and professional-looking results. Aerial footage will give your business a boost factor which will make you stand out from others.

Our high flying cameras enables you to capture unique viewpoints of the subject. Apart from capturing photos you can also shoot videos. The quality of Drone Photography depends upon the quality of cameras and its model being used during the shoot. For any new project, we provide you with the best camera models suitable to your requirements that ensures a high-quality video photography. An alluring model will be eye-catching with focus always on providing you the best.


  • DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY: With altitude on your side, you’ll discover transformed landscapes and awe-inspiring views from a bird’s-eye view that photographers without a drone can’t access. The drone—a sky-high flying, unmanned camera—is undoubtedly the most innovative photography development in recent years. Almost like a remote-controlled toy, drones are as much fun as they are revolutionary. There is a famous saying: “You can see patterns and formations you didn’t know were there.”

Research and planning is important before going for the shoot so as to get the permissions and anything else you might need so you are able to fly at your selected location. 

Prior to starting the project, we first have to do extensive research on the weather conditions, any power lines or unexpected ‘no fly’ zones, height up to which you wish to fly, image quality, etc. We have an expert and dedicated team of professionals which takes into consideration each and every aspect and works according to the requirements of the clients.

  • AERIAL IMAGING PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO: Aerial photography has provided the means to see the Earth ‘‘as the birds do.’’ Attaining a good capture during Aerial Photography was way difficult in the initial days because of the challenges like vibrations and other factors. But with latest advancements in technology, it has improved drastically. 

From real estate marketing to television commercials, product photography, construction monitoring and more, we use cutting edge technology both on the ground and in the air to capture images and video with stunning results. This combined with our teams technical and creative skills, understanding of what our clientele require, allow us to capture amazing vision and guarantee quality content. Providing our clients with the latest technology has always been our priority. We have our equipments upgraded from time to time which is a key aspect for our end quality video.

During Aerial Photography, communication with your partner is equally important because while shooting in low planes you can easily communicate with your teammate but it becomes difficult when it is at a higher plane. So, it is necessary to have proper communication with your client according to their requirements.

  • REAL ESTATE CONSTRUCTION SITES FILMING: Our professional drone services provide stunning aerial footage including images, video, and panoramas to showcase your residential or commercial property from a unique perspective in the sky. It is perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhood, viewing large properties, and providing context to nearby amenities and features. Filming construction sites is something which makes a lot of sense since it keeps you aware of the work in progress on a daily basis. We adopt corrective measures during the shoot only as it makes post-production work easy and more efficient. The aerial footage can also be used for future documentaries of the completed project.


 Why there is a need for Aerial Photography:

  • Provides a Unique and Interesting Perspective

  • Amazing Technology

  • Showcase Your Abilities

  • Helps Access Hard to Reach Areas

  • Amazing Action Shots

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