Best Corporate videos Can Bring Efficient Employees On-board

corporate videos production
Corporate Videos Production

Engaging & informative corporate videos can help you attract the right talent for the company. The people who are interested in applying for the job, would gain all information about a company in a video. They would be able to make a decision in choosing the employer as per their need. On the other hand, the employer would be able to engage further with the interest candidates only without wasting time others. Hence videos play an important role in recruiting the employees in a right way. If you have not created HR recruitment videos for your firm, invest your time now.

Human resources are the most important division of an organisation that is responsible to hire the best people who can fit in to the company’s requirement and help in increasing the overall efficiency. Proficient and dedicated employees are capable to perform at the optimal level and create a positive work environment. Hence the role of human resources becomes further more critical to find the right talent.

There are numerous recruitment sources that are used by HR consultancy firms and corporate organisations. Government firms and public sectors prefer print media as the most reliable source to publish their job advertisements. Private companies, corporates, HR agencies use digital platforms and register themselves in the job portal. Few use social media channels like linkedin, facebook to announce vacancies. All the modes have the common goal of attracting good talent.

As an individual who is in hunt of a job does not get any idea about the company by seeing the print ad or digital ad in the portals unless he visits the website. This creates a gap in terms of better understanding of the requirement, company’s profile and long term vision. Here comes the essence of a video. Just putting your ideas in words and photos cannot give any ideas about a company unlike a good video. As per a data survey by an international job site, the online job ads comprising of videos bring better response with 12% more views and 34% more respondents.  Videos have the power to reach to the imagination level of people and connect them to the company’s vision & goals. Before one joins a company, he or she is already aware about the company’s culture, business, product etc.

As an organisation or HR consultancy firm, the use of video will help you demonstrate your expectation with the employees in a clearer way. A video can show the importance of the position that you have advertised. Showcasing testimonial videos of actual employees and the benefits & compensations received by them gives a preview of your brand as an employer. It helps you in saving your time with the people who are not fit for the profile; and engaging more with the people match to your requirement and are interested about the position.

Professional HR videos give you an opportunity to portray your brand in a realistic and authentic way. The facts, figures and success stories shown in HR hiring video attract the right talent and engage the viewers to know the relevant facts/ information’s about the company. These small videos are very impactful to impress the young talent. The ‘apply now’ button makes it simpler & friendly for viewers to apply for the position instantly & to access the talent without loss of time.

The trend of making recruitment videos has gained popularity due its effectiveness for tapping wide range of job-seekers. It is revealed that you are likely get 34% more candidates when you also use on-line recruitment videos methods in addition to other traditional methods. Besides, a company that has a regular recruitment drive by videos keeps audience updated about its activities and also helps in brand building too. Leverage the use of videos to hire best employees for your company. Let us help you in that direction and develop informative and engaging videos for recruitment. Contact Cuts & Camera production today!