A Gurgaon BPO Firm Was Facing Challenges In Hiring. A New Company Culture Video Acted As a Magic Wand.

Company-Culture Videos-Shoot

A BPO Firm in Gurgaon in 2019 facing many challenges in hiring new employees. They use social media and other platforms like glass door and etc for hiring and also use traditional methods like printing the flyers and news media. But after doing all this they are still not able to hire or retain their employees.


After using all the methods they decided to call a meeting to hire management. They analyze every aspect of why we are not able to hire employees? why the employees not ready to do work with us? Is there anything where we need to improve something. They plan a chart of all the pros and cons where we can improve our hiring skills. What should we offer to our employees and new employees so that they impress? They make a plan and give offers to current and new employees.

Company Culture Video

After making a plan they execute it and run for two months they give the offer to their new employees and they able to hire some employees but after some time they also left. They again face the same issue. Then they again call a meeting and this time they discuss the latest trend in the market. What market and employees exactly want, why they are leaving? And finally, they decided to make a Company Culture Video. In which they show everything that they do, What facility they provide to their employees, Why should job seeker join their company and all other facts.