Manesar companies restarting plants also need to reboot the marketing strategy

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The country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki resuming production of vehicles at it Manesar (Haryana) plant from May 12. The company resumed 600 dealerships with car deliveries. Apart from Manesar there are thousands of industrial units in ,Sector 80, sector 82 a, nakhrola, sector 81, sector 1d imt manesar and other related areas

Indian government has given various guidelines to industries for restarting. Videos can help them in many ways. Firstly a video for employees that explains them all the rules of social distancing. Secondly a video that trains employees with the skills for the tough times ahead. Thirdly a video that can help the sales team to show the world that they have started and ready to start again.

A video that is made for social distancing rules can contain the following

  • do not travel by public transport
  • use masks
  • use hankerchiefs
  • bring your own lunch and water
  • maintain 2 meter gap
  • dont do conferences in conference rooms
  • do video conferencing
  • do not spit
  • if unwell do not come to office

Now if a company wants to make a video for sales team so that it help them for business development. Then it will include.

  • company strength
  • company portfolio for product and services after corona period.
  • company history
  • company certifications
  • company strong technology strength
  • company leadership

There are various ways videos can help companies come back on mainstream business track. Try for your company sometime.

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