Why Explainer Videos Important For Your Business In 2020

Why Explainer Videos Important For Your Business In 2020

Explainer videos work well, and they are a great source of information for the audiences to pick up and know about your brand. It is a good way to communicate, as a viewer can understand the various stages of the buyer’s journey. The brand can introduce themselves to the audience they cater and reach out to others as well through the explainer video. In the video, you may see the resolution of customer problems by using the brands’ product or service, along with communicating a message.

If it is a new product or service, you will be giving a glimpse to the audience; it’s effectiveness. The product or service can be great for making the user’s life easier. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the audience and be able to tell them about the other services that they can avail of as well. You can get professional help when you want a Corporate Explainer Video production.

Explainer Video Production

These videos get the eyeballs due to the personal feel. The connection does happen with the audience you are targeting. Mere words can cause attention to lapse, but videos retain curiosity. Surveys have shown that most of the population can retain the video content better than other kinds of written content advertised to the public. There is a definite increase in the landing pages, which considerably elevates your conversion rates as well.

The present trend being the mixture of live and recorded video, which is raking a lot of views. The different types of explainer videos you can use for you can choose for your product or service

  • Basic 2D Animation
  • High-end 2D Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Live-Action Video
  • Motion Graphics Video
  • Stop Motion Video
  • Kinetic Typography Video
  • Infographics Video
  • Screencast Video
  • Testimonial Video
  • Cutout Animation Video

With explainer videos, you will be engaging with your audience and which gives more ability to convert them into possibly loyal customers. The chance of the video getting shared is higher as well, and there is a significant chance of cutting across to a wider audience. You can get all kinds of 2D Animation Videos for your organization.

Animated Explainer video company

If the brand has to communicate complicated information regarding its product or service, it will take the help of animated explainer videos. It can reach all age groups in the audience, as it will be an easier break down the concepts. Which otherwise would be hard to explain in words and may require a lot of technical jargon.

It is a great way to stimulate the visual and auditory senses, and the audience will understand what you want to say when said with an animated explainer video. Studies have shown that the retention rate is also better. These videos make use of familiar metaphors that relate to the audience, and they can grasp all that is being conveyed without having to read up elsewhere again.

Character Animation

Presenting like characteristics to inanimate objects would be like bringing life to those objects and get them to deliver the message the brand wants to convey through these character animation videos. Here you bring to life

  • Text
  • Shapes
  • Background

All the above can be the characters in the storyline that you want to present in the explainer video. Character animation has evolved over the years in leaps and bounds with the help of advanced technology you can animate 3D characters onto the screen to bring in realism closer.

Motion graphics

The production house can make engaging marketing videos with the help of motion graphics as a tool. They are animation based videos blended with other formats of video-making as well. The use of motion graphics alone may not always give the desired result, hence the use of other formats as well when embedding a message to communicate the ideas to the audience is essential.

There is the use of high-quality graphics as it allows the creativity of the professionals as the ideas that have to be communicated to the audience. Motion graphics format has been employed for product demos and complex technology. If there is an extensive service offering, motion graphics help to break it down into simpler facets when presenting to the audience.

The motion graphics video is very interactive and definitely grabs attention from the word go. When combined to make vlogs or video communications, it makes a very interesting tool to use

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard is the best-used explainer video that’s trending today. It great when you can use it to

  • Make people understand complex technology
  • Know about your business
  • Present academic ideas

The use of whiteboard and markers concept is effective as it evokes familiarity with the audience. The switch video concept is used to complete the process that was done in real-time to digital, and the images are animated with the help of advanced tools. The normal routine of scripting and narration is then carried out.

The people that benefit most from such videos are

  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies
  • Business-to business organizations
  • Manufacturing groups

The explainer video using a whiteboard made by a great production house will deliver a crisp and professional video for your brand.


There is so much to making an explainer video, with creativity and skill on your side along with technology, you can dazzle the audience.