Why film in the Millenium City Gurugram Haryana?

The Gurgaon film and video production industry is supported

We take filming seriously; we are called Corporate Bollywood for a reason. Gurugram , Haryana is proud to have a community dedicated to ensuring that we all succeed with rich and accessible databases with multitudes of information. In this millennium city projects are completed with ease, leaving the focus on sales & marketing results. This would not be possible without the close knit community of various film/video production houses that has developed over the years. This community is happy to serve its clients.

With over 20 years in the corporate video industry most locations have already been used for filming so those in the industry clearly understand how to use our resources wisely to ensure a smooth production. The full service video production studios that call Ggn city home have been here long enough that we have a long list of the best locations, crew and talent to fit all projects.

We are not just a City of Malls

Gurugram has the unique set of options to shoot year round. Other than that farm houses, fancy hotels, resorts, arravali, lakes, forts, studio film sets , stadiums, studio apartments, green screen studios and metropolitan areas are all easily accessible. Taking it a step further, the gurgaon film production house community is happy to share their knowledge of film friendly locations and will get you in direct contact with whoever you need.

We are Gurgaon, we are गुडगाँव , and we will always be filming.

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