Demotivated by low performing video content . Time to analyze the mistake

Not happy with your video performance? In this blog we will learn about possible reasons behind your terrible video performance and learn more about path correction strategy. Let’s get your video on the road to success!

By 2022 90% of the internet traffic will be videos, only a few legends can feel the success of their videos. Videos that have unlimited views, a tons of interaction, and they are viral.

According to data analysis, these top youtubers are the 1% top cream whose videos contribute to 94% of all YouTube views. This is strange certainly!

Given these figures, some of you would like to scratch your heads. Business owners must be thinking that what’s the point then in making video? Here is the point

Youtube video views are not everything nor the most important thing. Customer commitment also carries weightage based on what you offer to you TG.

If your video content is relevant, then its a big blunder.
Your video should not be trying to please every single person. For example if a manufacturing company of gurgaon makes a corporate video that is pleasing to kids and house hold ladies. Then its a blunder, As the video of the gurugram firm should make the video keeping in mind the B2B community as target audience. It is simply not possible to be everything for everyone. The needs, interests, and demands of people cannot be more different.
This is why personalized content is very important. Millennials, these day are used a lot for relevant video content as they are most influential target groups

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