A corporate film can increase the sales of an organization in 5 ways

In today’s digital, modern, fast and experience-driven world,
you are your content.
Any organization is a story first and a company later.
Marketing means heart and real marketing means promoting via great videos with heart.

In this blog we want to show you five ways in which a corporate film can help you increase sales. This content is very beneficial to industrial units owners/directors/marketing heads running plants at places like gurugram, manesar, bilaspur, dharuhera,bhiwadi, neemrana, bawal, faridabad, ballabgarh etc.

Let jump in to the main topic
1. Business Meeting Presentations : There is an important meeting with a huge ticket size prospect. An oem is about to come to your customer list. You dont want to leave any stone unturned, so replace the boring ppt slide and start the meeting with corporate film played on project. BOOM.
2. Website : Some times big customers initially come in the form of first time website visitor. Would you like to bore them with too much text to read. Best way is to put the video on the top of home page.
3. Social Media Pages : Post this video on company’s official social media channels like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube. Also try to pin the corporate film video post on the top. Prospects sometime come via social media route. So never underestimate social media.
4. Sharing Company Details : A prospect comes to you via reference. He is sitting in some other country and asks for company details and stuff..eg. company certificates. Along with other important documents on google drive , you should always bundle corporate video’s high resolution file .
5. Remote Tour : A prospect from europe who had scheduled his visit to your plant in india, cancelled the visit at the last moment due to some reason. But since he is interested, you cannot loose this opportunity. Just share the high-resolutions corporate video with him and he can have a virtual plant tour.

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