How Induction Videos Can Improve Higher Job Satisfaction

Induction Videos

Induction videos create an image of your company on the minds of the new employees. It is mandatory to seek professional help to develop best company induction videos for your company and build a healthier relationship with the new employees.

Good employees are the pillars of any organization and producing good employees is the responsibility of the organization. Training and Development and HR spend a lot of time creating training manuals and materials that would help employees learn about the organization and its products or services. But when it comes to newly joined employees, a well-designed training material is required during induction program. To present the best brand image and create a feeling of attachment with the brand, just a presentation is not enough.  A strong and powerful induction program with Induction Videos is mandatory

Induction video is important as it assists the new joiners to get overall information about the company and help them become more comfortable in the new environment. This not only builds a better relationship between the employee and the employer but also develops a feeling of trust between the two. Induction videos for new employees covers all types of content like – Overview of the company, history of the organization, different departments, centers across the country, top management team, achievements and the road map for the next 3 years.

In many cases, a virtual induction is conducted where in the new employees are present at different locations and the HR manager operates from the head office. In this case, induction videos play a very important role since the employee is not able to see the actual infrastructure of the organization. But through the video, he/she is able to relate to the company and connect easily.

Induction videos start with the ceo welcome video to new employees in which the CEO gives a small welcome speech and congratulate the new employees for their new positions and responsibilities. The video is generally little long but is very informative in terms of showcasing the vision and mission of the organization. As per a report, businesses with a proper induction process have an average employee retention rate of 86 percent than those without any induction format.  A well-managed onboarding process with best company induction videos is critical for HR and learning and development department. With little efforts in creation of best company induction videos results in higher job satisfaction, better job efficiency, and larger organizational commitment. An organization that puts efforts in creating good onboarding videos creates a positive impression in the minds of the new employees. The onboarding induction videos can be useful not only for the new people joining the company but also for the existing employees who get transferred from one department to another and/or from one region of the country or globe.

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