Industrial Videos increase Manufacturing Sales

Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry demands high level of sales and marketing for sales growth. Apart from conventional marketing at brick and mortal stores, online marketing engages customers as per their interest and market trend.

Manufacturing plays an important role in any industry as the finished/final product is produced by the manufacturing unit to serve the vast needs of consumers in the market. Manufacturing process requires a robust system, advanced technical knowledge, latest equipment’s and  skilled manpower. Manufacturing industry is the pillar of the country’s economy because it employs a huge labor force and manufactures materials/goods required for national importance like infrastructure and defense. The world manufacturing industry contributes to both global economy and GDP. However the industries have to adhere to the manufacturing processes as per the government’s policies and standards.

Machines, ideal infrastructural facilities and skilled manpower is needed to produce consumer goods with quality & timely delivery. The finished goods are delivered through the supply chain to the market and convert it to Sales. Manufacturing takes place in different sectors like Automobile, Construction, Chemical, Textiles, Energy, Food & Beverage, Telecom, IT hardware, Transport, Aviation, and Consumer Goods etc.

The current industry of today have to bank on modern machines, robotics & use of latest technologies to meet the large, diverse & robust requirement of consumers spread world-wide. Any Product can be manufactured & delivered within a shortest possible time to any part of the world.     

However, modern manufacturing industry faces lot of challenges due to fast changing requirement of customers. The machines, equipment’s have to be upgraded on a continued basis and the right technologies have to be selected and implemented. To meet the market trend, the workforce needs to be trained on a regular basis. The growing and upcoming new raw materials also possess challenges during its selection. The supply chain for delivery should be regularly upgraded and well managed to meet the widely distanced customers. The marketing and sales of manufacturing industry also experience many problems. The traditional marketing strategies prove to be less effective today. Outdoor PR, print and ads contribute some part of the profit but the digital marketing gives a considerable share in the overall sales and conversion.

In the digital age, online searches and product information through websites and social media have become mandatory. If the retailers and consumer packaged goods do not align their marketing strategies in real-time, they won’t be able to meet the competition. Industrial B2B marketing through trade shows and distributing marketing collaterals like brochures, leaflets or print ads in trade shows has become obsolete. This directly impact the sales. Hence FMCG industries, manufacturing industries are focusing on driving their businesses online. They are hiring professional digital marketing agencies to create industrial videos on their products and services. Factory video, plant factory video for safety Training and other kinds of video production help them to create impact on people’s mind in a short span of time. As per a report, video marketing in youtube and social media has proved to be very effective promotional medium. Industrial Videos and Trade Show Videos can be used during events and launches to attract maximum consumers.