A corporate av film project is incomplete without the use of ultra wide lens

The Sony FE 14mm F1.8 GM is a new ultra-wide-angle prime lens for the Sony Alpha full-frame mirrorless camera system. It is a must if you are planning to make a new corporate film for your company , factory or manufacturing unit in faridabad imt.

It features 14 elements in 11 groups including two XA (extreme aspherical) elements and one standard aspherical element to help control spherical aberrations, and one Super ED element and two extra-low dispersion elements to help reduce chromatic aberrations and color fringing.

It offers a minimum focusing distance of 25cm / 9.8in with a maximum magnification of 0.1x, has a 9-blade circular aperture . This unique arrangement creates an attractive blur to the out-of-focus areas of the image.

There’s also a manual aperture ring that can be de-clicked for silent video shooting, a customisable Focus Hold button.

Weighing in at 460g , the Sony FE 14mm F1.8 GM is very light for an ultra-wide-angle full-frame lens that offers such a fast maximum aperture, and it’s also pretty compact too, measuring 83 x 99.8mm / 3⅜ in x 4 in. This really helps in gimble shots. For office interiors where space is limited, your production house actually needs such lenses

It’s overall size and weight really complements a camera body like the Sony A74 or sony a7r5 .

Bokeh is a word used for the out-of-focus areas of a photograph.

In the FE 14mm F1.8 GM lens, Sony have employed an iris diaphragm with 9 rounded blades, which has resulted in appealing bokeh for such a wide-angle lens. So when you are taking group photography of 100 employees, this is what you need. A 35mm or 50mm lense will fail in such a less area.

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