Enhance Knowledge of Employees with Training Videos

Dojo Room Video Shoot

Training videos for the new employees makes it easy for them to understand the actual manufacturing and operational processes. Training videos can be played any number of times and at a convenient time period, which makes them easily accessible. Safety and training video session can be taken digitally at regular intervals to create awareness about the safety norms and training agenda respectively. Unlike traditional training style, the videos are easy to understand and learn.

Factory dojo training videos can empower employees

Training is an important aspect of the employee engagement program and is directly linked to the productivity of the company. The new joiners get aware about the organizational goals, culture, future road map, services/products, new processes etc. It is the time when a fresh mind is fed with positive, optimistic and innovative ideas and feelings, so that they get accustomed to the new environment. Traditional training method is quite expensive and not feasible all the time. Sometimes some members are not present at the training location and arranging their travel and accommodation just for the training comes out to be very costly affair. Moreover the productivity is also hampered while travelling from one location to other.

However with Training Videos For Employees, everything gets sorted. Employees at multiple geographical locations can attend the training from their convenient work places without hampering the work. Training videos prove to be effective in terms of sharing the product knowledge and information to the employees. Since the entire focus remains on the visual and audio effects of the video, it impacts the mind very easily. Secondly, in case any point requires clarity, the video can be backward and forward as per the convenience unlike the live training session. For the process training, the dojo training room videos are important because the new joiners will get a feel of the actual practical training process that they would need to undergo. Hands on experience on machines and equipments are gained only after the successful completion of the dojo training. Hence the dojo training video plays a major role in not only showcasing the training procedure but also empowering the employees to perform their best.

Create Alertness and Awareness through Safety training videos

Safety of employees is an important subject that is taken care by most of the employers especially in manufacturing and service industry. There are heavy machines and equipments, electric elements and tools and other dangerous apparatus and machineries on which employees work day and night. There is a risk of life associated during any mishap like fire, electric malfunctioning, improper working of machines etc. that can also lead to death of the employee.

In order to avoid all such circumstances, the companies get the safety dojo video shoot done and build safety training videos for employees. There are regular safety training sessions conducted in groups and batches just to make the staff aware of the pros and cons of working in the assembly and manufacturing line. Training videos can be conducted for different locations and the attendees can be present from their work places also. Another benefit of the safety videos is that the employee can attend the session at his personal choice of time. He can save the link of the video and open it at his convenient date and time. This makes it very easy for the employees to attend the training session. In case of a very busy schedule, the employee can watch the video during travelling and save his productive office time.

Professional training videos Production Company designs and builds all kinds of videos that is needed for the induction training, process training, product training, safety training of the employees. Taking service from them simplify the training process and converts it totally into digital and fully accessible at any time.