Various Steps Required to Create Commercials for Your Business

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Ever since the first television commercial aired in 1941, production companies of all sizes and kinds have been utilizing commercials to advertise client’s products and market their brands.

Fast forward over 30 years, these companies have produced thousands of commercials for a myriad of different clients from all over the haryana , India.

We at Cuts & Camera Productions gurugram take great pride in making high-quality, creative commercials for our clients in gurgaon ncr that they can use on both television and the Internet.

What are the client’s goal? Who is their intended audience? What lengths do they want the commercials to be? These questions with answers should be discussed with your gurugram industrial customer looking for corporate commercial.


Once the creative vision has been approved by the client from manesar, talented scriptwriters get to work. Some scripts will have “wall to wall” voiceover, which means there is a voiceover talking throughout the entire duration of the commercial. Other scripts might utilize on-camera talent (actor) to speak directly to camera, or talent interacting with one another delivering scripted dialogue. And some scripts have simple creative visuals, graphics, and music.


Will the commercials utilize paid actors? Some commercials don’t need actors because they feature people who work for the company, real client testimonials, or simply b-roll footage of locations and products without people in it at all. We work with the best talent agencies in the ncr region .

When it comes to shooting locations, some clients want to shoot at their own business, hotel,factory office, etc. Other clients need to shoot in a studio space over a chromakey green or white or black background. In that case we schedule the project to be shot in our large insert-chromakey production studio at our facility. But some projects require us to find specific locations for the shoot such as a private home, office, warehouse, park, or other locales.

Props & Wardrobe

The final step is to make sure all the necessary props and wardrobe have been purchased or procured and are ready to go for the day of the shoot. Props can include anything from simple items that need to be purchased like coffee cups or backpacks, to larger items that need to be rented for the day like luxury vehicles .

The Crew filming commercial

crews range in size from two-man ENG crews to large crews made up of producer, production coordinator, director, DP, additional cameramen, camera assist, hair and makeup artists, gaffers, grips, teleprompter operator, audio field technicians, technical directors, media managers, and production assistants.

Video editing for your commercial

A team dedicated in-house visual FX artists helping the primary editor with custom motion graphics, animation, compositing, 3D tracking, and color correction as needed. Post-production takes place in one of our luxurious editing suites . Clients are welcome to sit in on the edit as much or as little as they’d like to watch and supervise the process.

Audio editing

if the commercial needs voiceover then audio editor will cut the VO with a professional voice talent before the video editing gets started . Sometimes music cuts can also be selected in advance so that the editor can match video cuts to music beats.

Client review

Encourage the client to give us their honest feedback and are happy to make any revisions.

Our goal is always to exceed our client’s expectations, so we’re not done until that has happened.

With the client’s final approval, the project is nearly complete! Sometimes different versions need to be edited from the main commercial. Perhaps the client needs a cut-down version for social media or a whole bunch of additional versions with alternate graphics showing different phone numbers and addresses for different geographic locations. After all versions of the commercial have been completed, all final deliverables and raw media are delivered to the client on a hard drive for them to keep and own in perpetuity.

It’s important to keep in mind that no two projects are ever alike, so some of these steps might differ greatly for your own commercial project. If you’d like additional information about our production process or are ready to get started, please reach out to us today!

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