Diwali Comes Just Once In A Year. Record Your Diwali Event In Style. Make Employees Remember It.

Diwali Celebrations

We do high level diwali event recording. Three cameras alwasy in action to capture this incredibly glamours night at the corporate diwali night, dances and a firework display. We also record fun moments and how top management gives speeches.

Panel Discussion Video Production. In Diwali event in case your company wants to roll out prizes, reward employees or annonce bonus, everything will be recorded with multiple cameras and drones.

Discussion between ceo, cfo and cto will be recorded through multi channel mikes.

We frequently film events like product presentations and panel discussions. We use multiple camera setups (3 cameras in this case) which gives us more options during the edit.

The diwali event edit will be completed in just 4 days after event shoot.

This year 2019 diwali is the chance to impress employees, attract new hiring and develop your company brand as an exiting place to work. 

Not just videography, we also do photography.

Let us know whats your plan for diwali. Are you throwing a diwali party for your employees in Gurugram.

Lets us know we will cover the entire video shoot of the event. Call us today 7042111335 or email info@cutsncamera.in