Customer Testimonial Video Production

Testimonials display the true picture of the brand.

However it has been difficult for customers to find a platform where they can provide testimonials easily. Similarly for businesses also there has been no simpler mode to do that.

Cuts & Camera productions bring that ease for you and your customers and bridge that gap.

What is the Need of Video Testimonials in Businesses?

Video testimonials are the perfect way to showcase your results. Audiences want to know about the benefits before buying a product or service. Videos of customers speaking about the real scenario are what motivate the viewers and the potential customers.

Things to know about Testimonials

It is a tendency of an individual to get influenced by the views of others. The major impact can be measured when an advertisement is with a customer review and affects the consumer sentiments. If we look at some of the stats, we will be able to believe on the effect of testimonials on consumers’ buying decisions.

Almost 90% of consumers are influenced by positive customer reviews and 77% of people tend to read reviews before making a purchase online.

79% of online shoppers believe more on online reviews than their friends and family.

As per a report, customer testimonials are most effective way for content marketing.

Customer reviews result in 74% augmentation in product conversion.

The studies prove that video testimonials motivate consumers and influence their buying decision. You can have a positive impact on your business if your website has more than hundred testimonials. It will generate more leads and drive more sales than a website which has no testimonials.

Difference between Video Testimonials and Text Testimonials

Visuals are always more powerful than the text because they impact the visual and audio sensors of the body and makes an individual very reactive. On the contrary, text information does not cause much difference because it is plain and a reader may forget it very easily. Video testimonials leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.

Video testimonials are more engaging and convincing and keep the interest of the viewers on. They will make visitors stay on the site for a longer time and increase the probability of purchase.

 More than 52% of marketers worldwide consider video testimonials as best content for ROI.

Website visitors who view videos usually stay on a website for more than 2 minutes.

Opportunity for you

Video testimonials attract more visitors to your website and increase the website traffic. Videos are more entertaining and informative thus making the users spend more time on the web pages. They are likely to fill the enquiry form and become your potential leads.

You can nurture your leads/customers by sending out email newsletters ask them to shoot a video about their feedback and response about your brand.

You can even shoot live videos of your customers during any event and ask them about their experience.

You can run a contest and request your customers to showcase the benefits they received after using your product.

All the customer feedback videos can be shared on social media platforms and promoted digitally.

Cuts & Camera production makes it easy for you to ask for testimonials. We have online video testimonial service that creates a fun and new experience for your customers. We run contest, discount or giveaway regularly for the favorite video submission and applaud the best one by sharing their piece of work. We are an established name in the field of video making and we have helped many companies generate business with video testimonials and other corporate videos.