How to create 1st class academic video content or training content

Are you thinking of making a film to help your employees for training, hiring, induction or safety training. You want your company to be successful in gurugram ?

Academic video content can be a hugely effective tool. But creating impact through video requires an additional set of techniques. At cuts & camera productions gurgaon we help lots of companies generate academic training content. Here are our top tips to make sure your video makes an impact.

1. Focus on benefits not features
A feature is a function or component of a product or service. A benefit describes how that feature can make someone’s life better or easier.Let’s take, for example, a recruitment video The benefit would be that it allowed HR managers to ease the process and drive more candidates to the interview phase..One of the best ways to showcase benefits is to include stories of the people who are benefiting themselves.

2. Keep academic video content short
Now this is probably one of the biggest challenges for any academic. They turn up for the interview and the gurugram mnc wants them to summarise a 20,000 word project into a two minute video. It’s not easy but it’s really important.

3 Keep language simple
Just like duration, the language needed in training video is different from the usual language you might find in written academic content. It needs to be conversational so it’s accessible to a wide audience.

4. Think about your interview backdrop
you may like to do it in a meeting room. But meeting rooms generally don’t make good interview spaces. That’s because they often have plain white walls which don’t make interesting interview backdrops. Search for other good lounge style spaces interiors

5. Make them laugh
Jokes in videos about training work? That sounds like a contradiction in terms! It’s always a good idea to include a lighter moment in most videos but with academic or training content, it’s more important than ever.

6. Optimise your content for social media
So you’ve got yourself a great video ready to share with the world….. Next you need to optimise it for social media. When posting videos on social media, it’s important to add captions that will grab the audience’s attention.

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