how to get a handheld microphone when you just have wireless lav mic

Wireless lavalier microphones are small, discreet microphones that are clipped onto a person’s clothing or tie. They are often used for interviews, presentations, and other events where the speaker needs to be hands-free. Wireless lavalier microphones are less susceptible to interference than wireless handheld microphones, as they are closer to the person speaking. However, they can be more difficult to position and adjust, and they may not be as loud as a wireless handheld microphone.

Wireless handheld microphones are larger and more noticeable than wireless lavalier microphones. They are held in the hand by the speaker, and they offer more freedom of movement. Wireless handheld microphones are louder than wireless lavalier microphones, and they are easier to position and adjust. However, they are more susceptible to interference, and they can be more cumbersome to use.

The best type of wireless microphone for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. If you need a microphone that is discreet and offers freedom of movement, a wireless lavalier microphone is a good option. However, if you need a microphone that is loud and easy to use, a wireless handheld microphone , but what if you want to convert a wireless lav microphone into handheld wireless mic.

Its simple , you just need to buy this handheld microphone adapter. On this you can place your favorite wireless transmitter no matter its a rode, dji , godox or sennieser. Compatible with Most Wireless lav Mics . Its a Full Aluminum Alloy Material ,Stable and Durable,Unique Pattern Design, Anti-slip and has Comfortable Grip Experience. Also you can add High-density, high-quality windscreen for excellent wind resistance, which effectively filters out the hissing sound and wind noise;

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