What not to Wear during video shoot: TIPS

Leave the Jewelry items at Home

Avoid wearing necklaces and earrings that are really big and shiny. They’ll reflect light and distract the viewer. You should also avoid jewelry that swings and makes noise, like bangle bracelets. This interferes with capturing clean audio.

Wear Non-Glare Glasses
If you wear glasses, remember that they reflect light too. You’ll really notice this if you’re doing a podcast —the softbox light will be reflected in your glasses and people won’t be able to see your eyes:

Eyeglasses with reflection
If you’re planning to do a lot of work on camera, consider getting lenses with an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating. They can make a big difference! Another thing you can try is moving your glasses down a little lower on your nose. Sometimes just changing the angle of the lens can reduce reflection.

No Sunglasses

If you’re shooting outdoors, skip the sunglasses. I know, crazy talk, right? The problem is, they cover your eyes. You’ve probably heard the saying “the eyes are the windows to your soul”? We communicate with our eyes, and when you cover them up, you create a barrier between you and your audience.

No Hats please

See how the man’s ball cap casts a strange shadow on his face? We usually wear hats to shade our face from the sun. If your face is in shadow, it will be hard to see. Video cameras have a hard time dealing with extreme contrasts between light and dark.

Say No to Scarves or chunnis
Scarves/chunni are a popular fashion accessory, but have you ever tried to attach a lavaliere microphone to one of these?
Sometimes you can hide the mic in the scarve’s folds, but you run the risk of all those folds rubbing the mic and creating a rustling noise.

Avoid checkered Shirts or dresses with repetitive patterns
These type of dresses look good but not good for the camera sensor. It causes jitter because the camera gets confused while focusing on the subject.

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