How to Grow Your Business with Informative Videos


Video is a need of every business today. To stay connected with your audience, you need to give them interesting information about your product or services. Videos play an important role in that context and promote your business. You can attract your potential customers by giving them what they want and solve their purpose. Build trust with your customers by showing authentic and realistic information through Video content for New Business. Once they get convinced, they are ought to buy your services and become your happy customers.

The most popular search platform after Google is YouTubewhere one can view anything of his choice. As per a report 81% of people get influenced by watching a video and get convinced with the information provided in it as compared to the text or image. 44% of online users love to learn through video training modules. Videos give more transparency in terms of information, reality and understanding. It is a mode to express thoughts & emotions to the audience in an authentic way. Many renowned artists and celebrities have achieved success by just promoting their videos on different video platforms. Entrepreneurs and industries have also used videos for branding and marketing purposes and experienced growth in their business.

Videos have an edge over text and images because of the close mental and emotional connect with the audience. Telling brand stories or story of evolution through videos is a powerful way to create awareness about your company/organisation and build trust with the potential customers. 91% of users love brands for their authenticity, hence if they get impressed by the business videos they are likely to share or recommend it to their friend and relatives. Video Content for New Business is retained by the customers for a longer time. 95% of people retain the information shown in a video rather than reading it. Thus brands have a greater opportunity to create awareness, educate customers, launch products, run free triasl and get conversion through video promotion.

With the advent of digital technology, transformation has happened not only at the businesses/corporate/industries but at an individual level also. With the support of government, the telecom network services and digital devices like mobile phones have become affordable. This has led to faster development in rural areas also. People use mobile phones for accessing information related to their basic needs too. Apart from consuming news and entertainment, they like to consume information about a product or service before buying it. The ecommerce sector has drastically risen in the last three years. As per a data from Statistica, 72% of ecommerce will happen from mobile devices by the year 2021. says that today 87% of shoppers use online reviews to decide on whether or buy or not. There is a rush from entrepreneurs and small businesses in the market towards going online and taking the benefit out of it. They are becoming a part of this explosion and getting their websites and social channels in place and filling it with rich business videos & online buying opportunities.

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