What is the importance of color in corporate video advertisement and films

Color is feeling and its way you can make audience feel differently. In a corporate film or advertisement , it can be color of a car, color of a jacket, color of the wall or anything else. Color tells a unique story. As an ad director your goals should be establish color in the initial scenes .
Different colors can have different feelings. Audience subconsciously feels about scenes when the color gets established in the initial scenes.
For example yellow or orange color can calm audience, blue color can initiate cool feeling or fear within audience.
You must have scene few life insurance advertisements from companies in delhi gurgaon manesar gurugram that use red color to instigate fear inside viewers mind. Fear of loss in unforeseen future ignites the motivation to buy policies.

You can check two different ads or corporate films with two different color grades. You will see the difference in feeling an emotions that the companies want to convey.

Its all about establishing the color in the start of the film..lik blue is safe and orange is dangerous.
If you are new to this scheme, you can use two tone or three tone color scheme to start with.
One important thing to notice is that you as the film director are bringing subconscious mind attention by color, but viewers get indirectly connected with feelings and emotions. Audience is fed with information subconsciously

It not just about good or bad color, you can also associate a character with color. Like entry of any specific character will make one color dominate the scene, the color that suits his personality.

You can also use absense of color . Like faded costume color to highlight sadness, depression or lonely character

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