How to Increase Hotel Bookings with Stunning Videos

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Hotel videos say everything to the potential guests that the hotel has to offer to them. It is a preview of the accommodation amenities, cuisine variety, recreational facilities and other services for relaxation and entertainment that one can experience during the hotel visit. High Quality Hotel Corporate Videos drive bookings, improve conversion and establish the brand image.

With the advancement in technology, there has been a major change in the marketing technology in the hotel industry. Hotels use the mode of social media and other online channels to communicate with their guests. Unlike the traditional marketing mode, the online promotion is free of cost except the sponsored advertisements. The visuals of the hotel attract the travelers and help them to choose the right hotel of their choice. People love watching videos of the hotel they choose to visit during holidays, or official meet. Knowing about few amenities before experiencing it gives a level of comfort and familiarity with the stay environment. Therefore, the hotel promotional video directly impacts the sales and profit. Video is the perfect channel to announce deals & offers, promote accommodation & stay facilities and share customer experiences. The visuals are more effective than images. Hence the Hotel Video Marketing showing hotel room view, café & lounge area, and recreational zone and hospitality services creates a deep impact while making a choice of hotels. The property, facilities and services showcased in the videos can influence decision making of the viewers and inspire them to visit their potential destination.

As per a report, 60% of hotel bookings happen online and half of it is done from mobile phones. 65% of bookings that happen in Airbnb is by the Gen Y segment of audience. The millennial (Gen Y) in India is very active in digital space and comprises of 34% of the total population. This generation of people is young and vibrant and fast in decision making.  They are technologically advanced, fitness freak, and spend a lot on their entertainment and leisure activities. They consume a lot of content on mobile phones like movies, sports, utility apps and ecommerce apps. Any viral content inspires them and trending news interests them. The brand or product videos on social media platform gain lot of popularity because millions of online users searching for variety of information every minute. Travel & stay review videos of hotels & resorts grabs the attention of the viewers and motivates them to experience it themselves. The video engagement in form of comments and likes, instills people to explore more about the hotel during holiday or professional tour.

Hotels businesses are using video as a marketing tool to promote their hotel in an extensive way. Corporate video of hotel helps them to showcase their hotel in an immersive way and give viewers a feel of stay amenities, food & culinary facilities, recreational activities etc. Visual impact from the Luxury Hotel Video Production is huge and creates positive impression in the minds of the potential customers. The potential guests create an image about the hotel after watching its preview in the video and visit the hotel with large expectation. It is essential for the hotels and resorts to maintain their brand reputation same as shown in the video.

A hotel Video Production Company can build beautiful hotel and resort videos that can excite the visitors and potential guests about their travel and stay. To improve bookings and enquiries and acquire customers, it is recommended to seek a professional help to create corporate videos for hotels & resorts.

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