How to Increase Mobile App Downloads With App Promo Videos

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A mobile promo video engages your user with the app features and usability and educate him about the product USPs and benefits. Promo video influences the user to download the app and experience its features. It is the most efficient way to promote your brand, drive engagement and produce leads. Android app promotion video can be easily shared on the social media platforms and generate publicity.

The technological world has now transformed fully into digital. Businesses which only used website for traffic and leads are following latest mobile trends to expand their marketing channels towards mobile app. They have realised that there is much more to explore than just having a mobile friendly website. Even small and mid-sized businesses have shifted their focus on developing mobile apps for their product and service so as to enhance the customer experience. A mobile android app offers a one stop solution to the customers and give them a fast and easy way to access the services.

As per a statistics, Indians spend more than 320 minutes per day for consuming entertainment data. Due to extensive use of smart mobile devices for searching any information in the world, mobile apps have gained popularity. Utility and entertainment mobile apps like Whatsapp, Uber, Airbnb, Zomato, Makemytrip, Tiktok, PhonePe, Amazon, Paytm etc. have become a need of the users. Unlike websites, the information in the mobile app is personalised. It is easy to use and intelligently gives updates as per our last search or use. Banks and financial sector organisations are also looking forward to develop mobile apps for their customers and give them all the necessary features to use at one platform. Train or hotel booking, financial transactions, insurance policy, electricity bill/tax payment has become very simple with just a click of a mobile app button. The widespread digital wave has also reached to the government and public sector organisations and inspired them to start mobile applications for their traditional products which were otherwise dull and not so attractive for customers to choose/buy.

Organisations big or small, entrepreneurs or successful businessmen, established brands or new ventures, everyone desires to set up their digital business with a mobile app comprising of all the features. It gives them a way to understand the customer journey and engage them further as per their usage. The users who have downloaded the app but not installed are engaged through push notifications or emails and the ones who are using the app rigorously are engaged with other marketing strategy. Mobile apps gives a platform to build brand and recognition of a business and improve customer engagement.

As a brand, you must have worked hard to develop your mobile app but your customers do not know about it unless you create awareness about it. Android App Promotion Video is a quick and easy way to communicate with your customers about the mobile app and create excitement for its usage and features. An Android App Promotion Video in the play store can generate quick attention of the visitors and influence them to download the app. The promo video educates the users about the new features and benefits of the app and give them a clarity on what they will get after they install it. The video if promoted on social medial channels gives a viral publicity, influences user behaviour and creates a demand among the users. By just promoting Android App Promotion Video in various marketing platforms, Pokeman Go was the most downloaded app (globally) in the year 2016 and Tiktok is the most downloaded app (in India) in 2019.

The results that you get from Android App Promotion Video is amazing and the outcome is just more than expected. If you have not started working on your promo video, invest on it now. Hire a video production company and develop engaging and interesting app promotional video for your audience.  

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