Types of cinematic effect lights can be used on corporate film projects

Lighting changes the appeal and mood of any video. As a responsible production house in gurugram its our duty to bring about the perfect mood and appeal to our client videos in gurgaon. Will share few options in this blog

Softbox Lighting
To duplicate natural soft light ..like coming from sun through window, softbox lighting comes into the picture. It brings nice consistency while filming. With softbox you can shoot any time during the day.

Umbrella Lighting
Umbrella lighting is awesome but when it works with other lighting types.

Ring Lighting
Works well when you want to highlight a subject you are filming.

Good Lighting Essentials
Multiple things contribute to the high quality of a video, but no one can discount good lighting.

Lighting can drastically change the mood and here are few tips when buying lighting equipment.


Portability is something to consider. It matters to clients whose project takes them shooting in different locations every day.

Adjustable Beam Spread

Choosing light gear with an adjustable beam is going to give you the flexibility to control the focus in any given scene.

Adjustable Stand
Use good heavy reliable stands, that are adjustable too.


Accessories like softners,reflectors, scrims, and mounting accessories can all help you to attain better results.


Reflectors are used to bounce light in different styles towards your object. There are five different kinds: white, gold, black, silver, and translucent.

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