Why Android app promotion video is important for businesses?

android app promotional videos

Android app promotion videos are necessary for businesses to promote their brand and acquire users. Entertaining and engaging android videos inspire users to download the mobile app and use its features. First-time discount/offers, benefits and features of the mobile app shown in the video can attract more users and increase the customer base.

Fast moving technologies in today’s digital era demand businesses to evolve and innovate at the similar speed. Some businesses are trying to match the frequency of the exponential technology wave while others have become a target of disruptive technologies. It is not just about exploring the digital transformation but actually living it. Some bigger industries who have successfully synchronised their pace with the digital technological trends say that the change should begin at the core level. Industry verticals like media & entertainment, ecommerce and IT have seen lots of paradigm shift in marketing strategies. Still they have managed to cope up with the needs of changing technology and customer needs. Entertainment companies have value added their services by offering video in demand in addition to TV broadcast. Technology has impacted education sector as well. Classroom trainings have now been converted into online or e-classes not only for coaching centres but have also become a regular part of academic curriculum in many education boards. One cannot deny the fact that the businesses are changing at a faster speed than the humans. 

The businesses and brands who believe in their capabilities and strengths have taken a bigger step to mould their strategies with the evolving technology. They are reshaping their business models, products and strategies at a faster rate as per the market trend and reaping profits out of it. The penetration of mobile in the urban as well as rural sector and the emergence of 4G technology in the country has acted as a booster in rolling out any marketing campaign or product launch. As per TRAI, there are a total of 1026 million mobile subscribers in India out of which mobile internet users are 56 million. There is an immense opportunity for the businesses to expand their reach and meet the needs of the customers.

Because of the extensive use of mobiles by the people today, mobile apps have become very popular. Every product in digital space need to have a mobile app with the necessary utility features for the users. Today brands specifically invest their budget and resources for android app promotion to reach out to the mobile users and create awareness about their product. Popular brands like Oyo, Airbnb, Zomato, Flipkart, Ola, Uber etc. have acquired millions of subscribers in a short span of time only because of mobile app promotion at a larger scale. They built promotional videos on their product and services for branding and awareness and promoted those in various online platforms like website, YouTube, Google, sponsored ads, email, social media etc. In every trade fair, launch events or community meet, the brands make sure that they create a long lasting impression among the attendees/participants through android app promotional videos.

The mobile app is easy to use and implement at any time. It is always simpler to consume personalised content on a mobile app rather than searching for information on a website or social channels. Hence mobile apps gained popularity very fast and have become the first choice among users when it comes to managing digital assets. In order to stand out distinct in the digital space, brands need to heavily invest in video promotion at the android play store. Engaging and compelling android app videos inspire the users to download the app and take benefit out of its features.