Importance of videos in social media promotion

Social media video is a tried and tested asset for sharing your brand story. Brands in gurgaon ncr region and other mentro cities know the importance of it. Building your community, and establishing trust with your audience matters. However, your videos are only going to be successful if you’re able to get people to stop and watch them. Otherwise not worth!

Luckily, there are few good video production agencies that know right social media video production tips to help their clients grab attention and get people to watch videos in their entirety. So if you use such video production companies, like the Cuts & Camera Productions in gurugram, you can begin using videos to generate more awareness for your brand and increase your success online.

In India its known fact that the average attention span was 12 seconds in 2000. In 2015, it came down to 8.25 seconds. Its decreased by 25%! But what does this mean?

Since our declining attention spans are not going to improve, and we will continue scrolling if something doesn’t instantly grab your attention. So as a solution we need to be creating videos that are captivating to your audience.

If your videos are not attracting audience in the first few seconds, then you have lost the game. Then, all your hard work will essentially go to waste since people will move on instead of watching.

As told earlier as well , social media video content offers several benefits. Videos can generate awareness, establish trust, and attract sales.
Also note that videos tend to be more engaging than static photos.

For instance, videos get the most engagement on Instagram, giveing more comments generation than single images or sets posted to the feed.

Even Twitter videos receive 10 times the engagement of tweets without videos.

The key to success is creating videos that people will enjoy.

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