One Company In Manesar Reduced Its Attrition Are By 50% With Help Of Corporate Training Video.

Corporate Training Video Production
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Corporate training video mean any company who has a large work force and limited trainers to train the work force they need to hire a Corporate Video Production House and make training videos chapter by chapter so that employees are trained properly. Now, lets discuss about the company in Manesar they were into manufacturing of car front lights and real lights and what was happening is that the man power was hired and limited training it was hours to work on the floor and there were lots of errors and defective parts and wastage of the raw material  and then they  use to get schooled it daily by the line managers so it was like they had no scale and still the line managers are shouting at them that you are not doing job perfectly this and that with frustration these workers were leaving the jobs like in 2 weeks, three weeks and company was fed up with the attrition rate and company was also suffering loss because of damage parts wastage and not able to supply the parts to the main OEM on time. So, they were fed up and then somebody one of their consultants suggested them you should make corporate training videos and go for Corporate Training videos production, So immediately they had a day log meeting and analyse what all things are required from joining to chapter wise modules for each department than fire and safety, Health hazards and there is just categories the entire training into  15-16 modules and then they hired a corporate training video production house from Manesar take around 3-4 days to record each and everything and their proper chapter each and everything was prepared now what they did is whenever they hired a new worker they crated one audio visual  room for these taring videos play, So he had to sit there for three fur days and then learn all the training videos and  then only was allowed to go to shop floor and in case he forgot something he was most welcome to come back to that audio visual room and see that particular video again and again and after practising this approach for 4-5 months what they analyse that you know their production was going  good company was profitable  and attrition rase reduces by 50% and they were really happy about it. Similarly if other companies also follow the same approach and do corporate training video production they can also get positive results.

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