How to Increase Website Traffic with Engaging Videos

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Videos on the website are a powerful medium to drive traffic to the website and increase the conversion rate. The users land to a website either in search of any information or specifically to know more about the brand. Corporate and Brand Videos serve the purpose of brand building and maintains the interest of the users. Product and demo videos give the relevant information to the users and decrease the bounce rate.

Website is a digital home of any company or product where visitors come in as a guest, read in the required content, get the relevant information and exit the page. If the visitor develops interest while going through the website, he will stay there for a longer time and may fill in the enquiry form. However if he feels the information is not matching his requirement, he may exit the website immediately and jump to some other website of interest. This means, if the content of the website is not updated or is not engaging enough to drive the interest of the user, it will have a high bounce and exit rate.

All businesses that are established or new in market have the primary task to buy a domain name and create website for their brands. It involves little planning in terms of the website wireframe, menu options, content for each page, images and videos. Keyword rich content helps to increase the site rank on Google and a better visibility in the digital media. It is important to have an engaging website for user that gives him a complete feel of the product or services given by the company. If the content in form of videos explain about the product, then it becomes advantageous to the business in two ways. One, the user understands and develops interest about the product and secondly he may share the video on the social media to his friends and family and push his recommendation. In this way, any new person might click on the video and drive towards the website. Videos in the website increases visibility of the brand and drive more traffic.

As a brand, you need to analyze your website to know the requirement of videos in all pages. Home page of a website is the face of the company. Hence it should have product videos, Training & Testimonial Videos‎, demo videos and explainer videos that will keep the user engaged with the information and reduce the bounce rate. However, the videos should be easy to understand with a clear message and cosmetically well designed. Since the users have numerous options for the same product in the market, the most interesting and informative video will influence their minds and convert them into customers.

Many a times while making a choice, users would want to verify the company or a brand by checking their websites. A brand video in the website is an effective way to let the people know more about the brand and make a wise decision for buying the product. Company’s vision, mission, profile, history, management etc. are showcased in a brand video that builds a positive connection with the viewer and leaves a long lasting impression in his mind. Hence it becomes mandatory to place brand videos and product videos in a website so as to improve the number of users and views per day.

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