Cinematic content video production using gimbal in easy ways

>>NUMBER ONE is to use a monopod . What you may not know is that the bottom of your gimbal is a place to screw in the tripod plate. Its amazing because you can put your gimbal on the monopod now the weight of a gimbal can start to take a toll on your body after a few hours, so using a monopod can take a lot of the weight off which still enables you to get smooth shots but what filmmakers mostly use the monopod for is getting creative shots that you wouldn’t be able to do without a gimbal . Like one is to fake a crane shot since the gimbal head will always face the same direction . If you place your gimbal on the monopod you can either raise it or lower it to
create what looks like a crane and people may think that we bought a crane to hold the massive thing out there for this one specific shot but we actually just placed our gimbal on a monopod. Now you can do a crane shot go through tight places like a car window the possibilities are endless .

>> NUMBER TWO is to shoot for the edit . One of the most popular and trendy things right now in gurugram manesar and gurgaon is transitions with a gimbal and we mean they are everywhere but if you’re wanting to do something similar you’ll need to plan it out . If you’re wanting to do a whip pan transition you’re going to need to start your gimbal shot and then quickly pan to the left then the next gimbal shot start with panning quickly to the left and then ease back into normal and once in the edit you can blend those shots together seamlessly because you planned it out beforehand . If you just decide to add a preset transition to any shot
it doesn’t look nearly as good as if you planned it out beforehand and actually move the camera in the direction of the transition.Now good thing is this can really be done in any way possible,if you know you’d like a cool transition simply pan towards a direction and then do the same thing in a different location. You can do left to right ,up and down ,spin or go diagonal

>>NUMBER THREE is to keep your setup light weight.
Sometimes you buy a new gimbal and in a sense of excitement put as many accessories on it as possible to look more official to everyone but it didn’t just weigh your setup down to the point it becomes miserable to hold for a long period of time but it also
will hinder you from getting better shots smoot shots because the motors have to work extra hard with the added weight. Whenever the motors have to work harder it can limit how well they can adjust to quick movements which result in a less cinematic shot

>>NUMBER FOUR is the way you walk. now the reason we’re making a point about this is because when people ask us why their footage isn’t smooth . It’s mostly because they’re walking like they’re just strolling down the street and people say oh we know that we have to walk like that for a glidecam but a gimbal is different . It’s motorized and it takes all those walking movements out and that of course is a lie. You operate a gimbal the same way you do a glidecam when you walk you bend your knees and you walk like your lower half is completely separate from your upper half let your legs absorb everything without letting it get to your upper half. The reason behind this is for all of those bumps and shakes that you see in shaky footage
,they are always caused from your legs up into your arms and that is why you need to separate the two and absorb everything in your legs. It definitely takes some practice physically and mentally to walk properly for gimbal.

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