The Power of Video and a good video production company

Video is a powerful tool.

It is used to tell stories, educate, entertain, and inspire.

It is also used to build brands, grow businesses, and connect with people on a deeper level. At Cuts & Camera Productions, we believe in the power of video.

Hi Myself Aditya dimri in the picture on the left side. I am the founder of Cuts & Camera Productions . We are a full service video production company based out of gurugram, serving customers all across india for more than a decade.

We’re a team of 20 experienced video professionals who are passionate about creating high-quality videos that make a difference. From conceptualization , to storyboarding , to location scouting, to casting, to cinematography, to animation, to voiceovers, to sound design, and post production , we do it all.

We have full range of modern equipments from cameras , lenses, sound gear, to lights, drones, gimbals and high end editing systems.

We have a 2000 square feet studio in gurugram, where we do all sorts of interviews, pod casts ,product shoots and chroma shoot.
No matter how big or small is your location, no matter how far is the shooting site, no matter how tough the road is, our team is always on toes to provide customized production at your place .On time every time.

Our company owned transport vehicle ensures that we don’t miss out even the tiniest of the tiny equipment.

We have a team of experienced graphic designers, editors and animators who can help you with every step of the post production process, from scene selection to final delivery.

Hope you have understood a bit about our production house.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help you create a video that will make a difference.
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