How to utilize green screen in corporate film projects

You’ve probably seen that actors are running on a big set with these big green sheets or blue screens behind them .

Basically a green screen allows you to take a certain color out of your image like the color green of green screen or blue of blue screen.

What I mean by that is if you have a solid color behind your actor, a green screen for example then in the editing process we can go and we can tell the computer to take out everything green in that image . Through this process we are able to make a transparent background so we take our actor out and place our actor anywhere we want to because it’s a transparent background behind him so yes he’s just in front of a green screen but we can take the green background away and replace it with anything we want like a forest or an ocean or buildings or whatever you want.

You reach a situation where green screen is mandatory because sometimes you can’t actually have that actor on a particular set because it’s actually huge or maybe it doesn’t exist e.g planets or complex sets or some scene from ancient you put them in front of a green screen and then in the editing you can take out the background and replace it with whatever you want .
So it doesn’t have to just be one person on a greenscreen, you can actually have them with a building or a boat or maybe they’re on an open roof top restaurant floor with just a large green screen behind them. That way the restaurant and actors are real and they’re interacting with each other while eating but everything behind them you can change to the ocean or mountains or night buildings or whatever you want to do

Now the next important question is why do we use green screen or blue screen and not a pink screen red screen orange screen or any other color scree. Why only green and blue. Because whenever we’re telling the computer to get rid of certain color in the shot like the green for instance we don’t want that color to be present at all in our skin tone but to say we had like a pink background or a red background behind us and we told the computer get rid of all color like this… well yes it would get rid of that entire sheet but it might start removing a little bit of spots on our skin or our face or maybe on our clothes.
You can find colors like pink red orange to some extent in skin tones and using a same color background screen can mess it up . Now in case of green color screen there is no green in your face or skin so that’s selecting green makes sense.
Blue and green are two colors that are the farthest thing away from our skin tone and the reason we have blue screen in some cases is because typically you want to use a green screen but say something’s in your shot that’s actually green maybe you’re wearing a green shirt maybe there’s a green plant or something like that . Well we can’t really use green because it will start bleeding into that shirt so we use a blue screen which is still really far away from our skin tone but now we can tell it to get rid of the blue and it will keep that green in the shot.

When we talk about shooting corporate film projects, the biggest factor that can hinder an outdoor shoot is the weather. Many times weather is unpredictable, and typically rainy , which can really slow down, or even halt, an outdoor shoot as you need to keep the equipment dry so it isn’t damaged and your cast and crew dry so they don’t get annoyed! Shooting inside a studio with a green screen can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to shoot day – and you could always edit a sunny background onto the green screen! One of the reason clients in metro cities like noida gurugram manesar prefer green screen.

Shooting with a green screen is great for clients who have a limited budget. As you can animate the world around the people in the green screen, you can put anything there! There are no limits when it comes to what you can put into the background of a green screen shoot, which means that you can have a fantastic looking advert for a budget price.

Our animators love to experiment and create unique looks, which is why a green screen shoot is recommended by us to them!

A green screen shoot is cost effective- sourcing and shooting in a number of locations for an advert can mean that the costs mount quickly, as there are location fees, transport, and potentially equipment hire to worry about. By choosing to create a green screen advert, you can have a fantastic, unique advert that is true to your brand for a smaller cost.
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