Importance of Body Language Posture Gestures, facial expressions and improvised voice

Relax when you are in front of camera for a video shoot.. No need to get nervous. Best will be to do some exercise to loosen up your shoulder, neck and hand. Always remember there is no secret formula. Have you seen those influencers and top models in gurgaon whop perform like hot knife on butter. Always remember when you in shoot in gurugram , relax relax relax. Maybe your favorite production house in gurgaon will give you some random tips, but here I want to share everyting in black and white.
Posture should be straight , with flexible Shoulder ,arms and head. In case you are doing video shoot in a manesar studio just try to create depth . Also you need to look slimmer, so best way is to angle your body slightly. Do not sway back and forth.
Always stand or sit few feet away from the backdrop.
When talking about hands, just keep natural ,just be urself. Do not cross your arms as it looks defensive.. Do not show closed fist and do open palm instead as it looks warm and inviting.
Sit straight and do not slump. Shoulders should be back.
Lean forward slightly as viewer looks you as interested with energy.
Avoid chair that swivels and try to maintain same posture.
Avoid fidgeting. Don’t do things like Rubbing fingers, jiggling legs. This can be highly distracting.
Imagine talking to a friend. Camera should be at eye level. Look into lens always.
Smile at start and at the end. I mean genuine smile and not fake Don’t be very serious when making expression. Also don’t be very still, dead pan. Use eyebrows, face expressions. Experiment with different body positions.
When talking about voice, just don’t be an announcer voice or sort of broadcasting voice. Also don’t lower voice very much , just be natural easy going in conversational approach.
Again I will say , don’t be nervous because muscles tense up, and throat muscles also tense up . You need to relax muscles of face jaw and throat . Which can be done with few exercises. Its recommended to use voice a bit before coming to camera. And you can also try do deep breathing..
Keep your lips moist before shoot. Use drinking water or lip balm.
If you get nervous you will naturally speak fast with the aim to finish soon. Always remember to take your time and try to speak slowly and clearly. Just put proper emphasis on each word. Remember many people watch video just once, because of multi tasking and time shortage
Review your performance and keep improving.
You will get better with time..

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